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Rydges Passes

What is a Rydges Pass?

A Pass from Rydges includes a range of attractions, experiences and things to do all on one single digital pass. Each pass is loaded with a package of your choice. Your choice of experiences varies depending on which package you choose. Each package provides you with the flexibility to create your own experience.

How do I use my Rydges Pass?

Using your Rydges Pass is easy! Choose the package that suits you best. Once you have your pass, you can pick and choose what you would like to see and do by using your free iVenture Card app. When you are ready to start using your pass, simply present it on arrival at each attraction to gain entry, or provide your pass number to the attractions for advanced booking

What are the benefits of a Rydges Pass?

A Pass from Rydges offers convenience, flexibility, ease of use and some serious savings. No need to stand in line to purchase tickets, different pass types to suit your travelling style and contactless entry with our digital iPass. 

Is there a Rydges Pass for children?

Yes, there is a large range of exciting attractions, which kids will love. Rydges Sydney Fun Pass and Rydges Sydney Explorer passes are available for children aged between 4 and 15. Children who are 16 or older will need an Adult package. Children under 3 are subject to fees payable to individual attractions. Please note that the Rydges Sydney Getaway Pass is not available for children. Individual benefits and offers on the packages may not be suitable or available for children so please read the information provided carefully.

Do you have a family Rydges package?

No, currently we don’t offer a family package. Each member of your family will require their own pass. However, the savings are still substantial.

How long is the Rydges Pass valid for?

Unused passes are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Once you start using your pass, validity periods vary depending on the pass purchased.

Do I have to use my Rydges Pass on consecutive days?

Only the Rydges Sydney Explorer requires you to use the pass on consecutive days. This pass is only valid for 2 consecutive calendar days. If you purchase this pass and you start to use it on a Tuesday, it will be valid for Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. Please note that the passes work on calendar days and not 24 hour periods.

If your travel plans do not suit consecutive days of use, then you may be interested in the Rydges Sydney Fun Pass or Rydges Sydney Getaway Pass which are valid for 14 days of first use.

Individual Tickets

How do I use my Ticket Voucher?

In most cases, you can simply present your voucher that contains a QR code at the ticket counter for entry at the attractions. Some attractions do require an advanced booking and you may be provided with a separate ticket or confirmation number when your booking is confirmed which you will need to present to the attraction. Please ensure you read the information on your confirmation email for the correct information for your chosen attractions

How long are individual tickets valid for?

Unused tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Attractions and Other Venues

Do I need to show ID needed at the attraction or venue?

No. Your pass or ticket is all you need to gain access to the attraction.

Are the attractions or venues open at all times?

Many of our attractions or venues change their operating hours each day and throughout the course of the year. We recommend contacting them directly to confirm their opening times or visiting their websites to confirm details.

Can I return to the same attraction using my Rydges Pass?

No. The Rydges Pass is designed to show you around the city and see as much as you can, different attractions and experiences. Rydges Pass benefits can only be redeemed once at each attraction per person.

What happens if attraction prices change?

Attraction ticket prices change from time to time, however, once you have purchased your Rydges pass or individual ticket, your attraction entry or benefit will be valid for the duration of the package you purchased. Attraction price changes won’t affect them.


Do I have to pre-book for any attractions or tours?

Some attractions require a pre-booking and we have noted where pre-bookings are required on the relevant attraction listings on the website, will also be noted on your confirmation email for ticket purchases. We advise you to book 48 hours in advance where necessary.

Are there any special conditions for the attractions or other venues?

Sometimes special conditions will apply. These may include height restrictions, age restrictions or opening restrictions. Where special conditions apply, they have been noted on the relevant attraction listings on the website and will also be noted on your confirmation email for ticket purchases.

Transport Options

Is a transport option included on any Rydges Pass available in Sydney?


How do I get to the Blue Mountains?

Trains to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains depart from Central Railway Station. For timetable and fare enquiries please visit www.transport.nsw.gov.au.

Alternatively, if you have a car, it is a 90 minutes drive from Sydney.

Help & Support

How do I contact Customer Service?

Please email us at help@cityxplora.com

I can't find my tickets or passes. Is there any other way to get them?

Your confirmation email will have a link to download your tickets. If you cannot find your confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folders and if you are still unable to locate it, then please contact our friendly customer service team who can resend them to you.

Where can I find my order reference or ticket/pass number?

Your order reference is provided in the subject line of both the emails we send you immediately after your order is confirmed, as well as on your voucher. Your ticket or pass numbers are located on your digital tickets or pass. Your ticket or pass numbers can be found under the QR code. You will need this number when you contact our customer service or make any attraction bookings.

The venue won’t let me in and says my tickets are not valid. What can I do?

iVenture Card only sells official tickets and passes so you are assured that your tickets and passes are valid.

If you are refused entry, please double check the instructions on your confirmation email and voucher – sometimes there are special instructions that you need to follow in order to get your tickets before going to the venue entrance.

Make sure to check the date or time you have booked which may be the cause for being refused entry to the attraction.

If you have followed all instructions and are still being refused entry, please contact our friendly customer service team for assistance.